Project 1

This install was done in Fort Saskatchewan during the summer of 2016. Solar panels are an expensive investment so starting with a solid foundation will ensure that your investment will remain in place for the full life of the panels.

Project 2

It is crucial that composite decks do not shift or frost heave. That is how screw piles are far superior to concrete piles. This project had a tight access but was no problem for our 36″ wide machine.

Project 3

Walk out basements that back on to water are especially vulnerable to frost heaving; that is why this customer chose screw piles. With the helix embedded far below the frost line, there is no chance of movement. Decks over 6′ high require engineered stamped drawings of the pile as well as a torque report which we supply at no charge

Project 4

This is a pile job we did for a home move in West Cove, AB on May 31, 2017. Pouring a grade beam or drilling for concrete piles produce a lot of tailing and extra ground work. They also take multiple site visits with heavy equipment/trucks. We installed these piles in 5 hours with very minimal ground disturbance. This allowed the house to be moved days earlier.

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