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Screw Pile Installation service, Calgary AB

Screw Piles are ideal for any deck project that requires a solid foundation. Screw Piles also called helical piles are a stable foundation with no risk of movement. Perfect for any deck, porch, veranda or patio.

We are able to access nearly any backyard in Calgary. Our deck piles are installed with minimal damage to existing landscaping and leave no mess to clean up. This is because of the specialized machinery we use.

In comparison to concrete deck piles, screw piles are installed in a fraction of the time. This means you can start building your deck project the moment the last pile is installed. Not only that but helical screw piles are not prone to frost heaving like concrete piles are. Ensuring when your deck is built, it won’t move.

Connected to your structure via screw pile caps, helical screw piles can be used as a deep foundation in many applications.

Contact us at Torsion Screw Piles to learn more about using screw piles for your next deck project.

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    The Equipment We Use For Decks

    Screw Pile installers working with the MT55

    Bobcat MT55

    There aren’t many backyards that this machine can’t access. Our MT55 is ideal for residential deck pile installations in Calgary. The smallest screw pile machine in our fleet, at only 36” wide this Bobcat fits through most gates. And is capable of installing a 10’ x 2 7/8” certified deck piles.

    It is also very landscape friendly since it is a tracked unit. At only 4.9 psi (ground pressure) on the tracks, it is less than the average man.

    Screw Piles for Decks

    Refer To Our Simple 5 Step Process & Let’s Get Started

    At Torsion Screw Pile we install thousands of screw piles for residential decks every year. Our installation crews are the best in the business. Because of our experience we have encountered every different deck project you can imagine. Our process makes the screw pile installation experience simple and easy. See our process below and let’s get you started today. Contact us at Torsion Screw Piles Calgary to book your screw pile installation today.

    1. Locate Underground Utilities

    Phone ( 1-800-242-3447 ) or visit the Alberta One Call website and submit a location request.

    Alberta One Call needs at least 2 days notice, but during the busy Spring or Fall seasons, we advise submitting your request 1-2 weeks in advance. Pile locations must be at least 1 meter from the paint/flags

    2. Schedule the Install

    Take the first step by contacting Torsion Screw Piles to discuss your project and book an installation.

    Phone, email or text. All communications are answered as soon as possible.

    3. Mark Pile Locations

    Clearly indicate the centre of the pile locations with a stake, paint or a flagged nail. If you are unsure where the piles need to be placed, check the website of your local municipality for building codes.

    4. Determine Height

    Determine the height of the pile you would like to have left out of the ground. Pile height can be marked on a nearby structure, such as a house, or on a stake. Torsion equips each crew with a laser transit to ensure maximum accuracy.

    5. Clear the Area

    To ensure that your installation goes as safely and as quickly as possible, please remove any objects, such as toys, planters, hoses, etc., from the general work area and access points.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    About Using Screw Piles for Deck Foundations

    Screw pile flat cap for a deck

    Q: How long does it take to have screw piles installed?
    A: Though every job is different the average deck pile installation can be done within 45 minuets to an hour.

    Q: How do you connect screw piles to a deck?
    A: On the top of a helical pile is a metal adaptor called cap. Caps come is several varieties. These screw pile caps are a flat circular plate with slotted holes. It is through the slotted holes that the piles can be bolted to either the beam or posts of your deck.

    Q: How long do screw piles last?
    A: CCMC Certified screw pilings can easily last over 60 years after installation. Though this may vary due to soil conditions. Certified piles are required to have an approved means of corrosion prevention that’s engineered into the pile. Either in the form of a protective coating or the addition of a sacrificial material.

    Q: Do I require a building permit for my deck in Calgary?
    A: The city of Calgary requires a deck to have a building permit if:

      • A new deck is higher than 2 feet above grade at any point or you are replacing/rebuilding an existing deck that is higher than 2 feet above grade
      • If your deck has a roof it is required to have a building permit.

    You can learn more about getting a Calgary building permit Here  

    Q: Can you provide torque reports and engineered drawings?
    A: We’re happy to provide any stamped engineered drawings for the piles we provide as well as an installation torque report if required. If your deck project requires these please let us know prior to booking your installation.

    Finished deck in Calgary AB
    Hand exposed utility line in Calgary AB

    Q: I know where my utilities are located, do I still need to contact Alberta One-Call?
    A: The safety of our customers and installers is the number one priority when performing pile installations. Yes, all screw pile installations require a valid Alberta One-Call Utility Locate Ticket. Not only does a utility locate confirm the location of your utilities but it provides additional liability coverage that protects our company as well as the homeowners. Alberta One-Call locate tickets are free and valid for 30 days.

    Q: Does Alberta One-Call locate all utility lines?
    A: No, not all utilities are marked during a One-Call utility locate. Private utilities are not located in a One-Call. Lines like water (past the valve), sewer, garage power and garage gas lines need to be located and flagged by a Private Line Locator. Private line locates are often required when building a back deck in an older area with an alley or a front deck.

    Q: How many piles do you need for a deck?
    A: The building code allows for a variety of post spans for decks. These variations depend on the structural design of your deck. The size of the deck along with the size and spacing of your joists will affect the required post span and pile layout. Does your deck have one beam or two? The number of piles and the spans between your beams also need to be considered when calculating your pile layout. Please reference the current Alberta Building Code for more information.

    Q: What is a certified deck pile?
    A: Not all engineered screw piles are certified. Certified piles are engineered and fabricated in accordance with the CCMC requirements. Screw pile fabricators have to be evaluated and approved by the CCMC.

    One of our deck projects in Calgary